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About Us


I was spending an evening with my friend, who is a designer, just ruminating about my future linked to my father’s 45 year old business dealing in electronics and novelties. The emerging e-commerce and modern retail was then giving stiff competition to traditional retail concept.

Pratik Shah - Founder, NUMIC

"I was strongly inching towards creating something new that I could call my own and be proud of. As I gathered my thoughts around this, I needed a good brand name to reflect these products. The word ‘zero’ and the fact that it originated in India really interested me, but I realised it was also negative and I wanted something more than that. The word ‘Numeric’ intrigued me and then I decided to coin the word ‘Numic’ (a branch of the Uto-Aztecan family of languages).

My interpretation of the word ‘Numic’ meant: Nu (new) + mic (mix). Numic would represent a range of new products which has a good mix of premium quality, simple design, easy to use, luxury products which would comprise of stationery, lifestyle, gifting, clothing, accessories, furniture, paper products etc."

Our intent has always been to offer the young Indian consumer high quality and well-designed products at a reasonable price.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Numic, a company
that makes simple, practical, aesthetic, innovative, easy to use, sustainable products. Our aim is to grow Numic
into a profitable company and create
a successful business model, so in the
process we support everyone who is associated with it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve our vision by partnering with good designers, converters, people working for us, & build a scalable model by use & sourcing of eco-friendly
raw material, practical design,
simplicity & innovation.

The journey of Numic has been very interesting, with more than 50 products, 500 Skus, placements at more than 200 retail stationery, modern retail, gifting stores, airport, online market places, flea markets and more. We have also undertaken many corporate projects and now we are expanding to achieve global presence.

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